Kia Garriques Biography / An Interview with Kia Garriques


Kia Garriques is fast becoming known as the best kept secret of fiction writing. The young eccentric talented fiction writer from London was born in the year of the millennium with her pen poised to create intricate worlds that only she could dream of at an early age.

Having studied writing and English literature at Middlesex university, Kia began writing short stories like most graduates but with a unique influence of manifesting dreams. These dreams in which sometimes became nightmares were to become the authorial signature to the inspiration and reasoning behind her work.

From an early age Kia would keep a diary of the visions, and animated scenery that her eyes witnessed and every night, write down the events and character images she had seen. Over the years this diary became known as her ‘Dream Diary in which day by day Kia would refer to.

Her first story “The Invisible Alien Watcher” was published by Micro Horror in 2009 and reprinted by Pill Hill Press in 2011, this short story was just an insight to the creativeness Kia was capable of.

As a child Kia feared from storms, just the sound or mention of them would create unpleasant shivers down her spine. Being her worst fear and being a word in which its adjectives described her personality best. Kia began writing under the name Kia Storm. Over the years Kia had short stories such as Locked Up, The Watcher and Fly Away Butterfly published in paperbacks and online.

Whilst writing short stories Kia was also working on a book in which her dream diary was highly consulted, with page after page of sketched drawings of scenery, characters, words and colors, Kia had begun creating and painting a world that would invite and entice fiction lovers worldwide.

Now in 2012 Kia Garriques prepares to enlighten and invite readers into her world which questions why we are here? and what our purpose really is through an exciting chain of events and characters in which children of all ages and adults will enjoy and thrive off.

“Innovera Yakov- The Journey of A Thousand Eyes” is due to be released the end of this year, a book of Rowling’s magic in Cameron’s fictional world.

“As one world ends this year, another one will begin”